the SWOT saga…

Posted: June 27, 2010 in fedora

Regarding the SWOT saga continues… during the past months it took several shapes, several forms… from more technical into something less technical, with methodology becoming less severe in favor of better user friendliness, also becoming less dense and more focalized.

When I started this, I have to admit that I was facing this from an academical perspective, but as the reality changed and I understood more about the community, all I can say is that the concept is probably more important for the community than exactly the ‘perfection’ of how it could be done.

The road continues and despite in many cases I struggle with the correct way of placing information in; I believe that if the Project Fedora in the future sees any benefits in trying to perform a self-assessment of itself this might become relevant, and if people have a general understanding of it and the concepts behind it, even better.

As more information gets inserted, things start to take form, and hopefully in the future the community will actively help providing such information.

There are some fields where quantitative research could be useful, I’m not sure on who or how can perform this, but I believe that in most cases we can improve this information through the usage of techniques like Focus Groups. I”ve made a small document also trying to approach in a superficial way one of the possible ways of running a focus group and placed it on the wiki as a SOP (right/wrong?!). It can be consulted here.

The saga continues…


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