promote it yourself – opensuse conference 2010

Posted: June 28, 2010 in fedora

It came to my attention the other day one event being organized by openSUSE. I’ve had my original approach to Linux with SuSE Linux. It’s strange to say but in those days there was no Fedora, and SuSE Linux deployed a wide range of kernel, some of them with bleeding edge features, like hardware support, I remember this to be the case in at least two popular graphics adapters, the Intel i740 and the 3DFX Voodoo Banshee.

openSUSE Conference 2010 - Nuremberg

I’m planning to submit a proposal for a presentation and paper in openSUSE Conference 2010 in the field of Marketing, and will choose it to be around the topic Marketing Mix and Promotion.

I’ve discussed this today with my mentor at the University and he promptly offered himself to help me with the scientific organization of the paper and eventually a new line was established and the previous ditched.

How can Developers and Programmers use Marketing to Promote their creations? I’ll try to provide an answer for that, plus establishing a concept of Marketing that suits the free software enthusiasts and a method on how to evaluate their progress in promotion.

I will make the presentation and paper available to everyone at 20th August, time from which the openSUSE people will announce their results. I will submit my presentation as a Marketing Management student from IPAM.

  1. gnokii says:

    I know its hard for ppl outside openSUSE project but its spelled SUSE since Novell bought it ;)

    But I find its cool, to work together. s

    • aborrecido says:

      I used “opensuse” on the title because I don’t use capitalization on the titles, as you can see for the rest… Yes, I am a weirdo on that.

      I’ve refered as SuSE Linux, which introduced into Linux, because it’s name is SuSE Linux, I can actually post photos of the boxes I own from 6.0 to 7.0.

      And yes, I’m an outsider on openSUSE, but on the other hand I’m a SuSE Linux legacy user since 1998 or so!

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