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Posted: June 28, 2010 in fedora

I woke up yesterday in a very nice mood, but with a terrible headache… As usually, I ate something, went to buy some cigarettes and grab an expresso, returned home and eventually found out this post on Nicu’s blog.

This should be another great opportunity for me to stay quiet and avoid fuss… The problem is… well… it comes with a little story…

I have great friend, Jay, a former US Navy Seal Recon lieutenant from Illinois, USA. Once he said to me… “Nelson, I can see you are suffering a lot, I just can’t realize why you are in such pain”. This was related to some of my views regarding the situation of Portuguese people and the system.

So far, this has nothing to do with Tatica. In fact I didn’t even knew her, just heard in a epic way about her talent and commitment from Máirín Duffy, Nicu and some others which I have the privileged of inter-acting with. I understand that the Design Team might be upset about one intervention I made about ‘Vor’, but I feel I need to step out of the shroud of mist around me and say something.

The words, I’m laying down now are the words of a Iberian heart, and are not my own, but they translate what I think… and I would like to share them, specially with Tatica:

Saudai o sol que desponta
Sobre um ridente porvir
Seja o eco de uma afronta
O sinal do ressurgir
Raios dessa aurora forte
São como beijos de mãe
Que nos guardam e nos sustêm
Contra os infortunios da sorte

On a free translation to English:

Salute the sun that rises
On a smiling future
Be it the echo of an insult
The Sign of our revival
Rays of that powerful dawn
Are like mother kisses
That protect and sustain us
Against the injuries of fate

I don’t know what happened or whats behind it, and honestly I don’t even care… throughout my body I have proud scars of old wars, in total 57 proud stitches… They don’t bleed anymore, but inside my heart still bleeds a lot and I know what is to live with such scars.

Don’t scar other people, specially when they seem to be driven by so honourable reasons. Instead take a dictionary and learn what means ‘altruism’ and eventually try to when you get in bed every day to think on that concept and realize if you used it, if it made a better person out of you.

I’m not the right person to be lecturing people on this, because… well… I’m just who I am…


nelson, o Português!

  1. aborrecido says:

    The email I’ve sent to Tatica:

    Dear Tatica,
             I have a left a small message in Portuguese on your Blog. Though I
            speak more or less fluent spanish, I can't type it very well because I
            haven't learned properly, in fact I've actually learned it by
            interacting with many spanish speaking people.
             I would say to you, never to SURRENDER! I would tell you also that in
            South America so many great achievements were accomplished, that you
            have nothing left to prove the others!
             There is a special bond between Commercial Linux and Community Linux,
            and Fedora might be tackled in the future due to it's own nature. You
            probably knew or heard about me because I unleashed the hounds of war
            upon people a couple of times. If you haven't heard, even better, it
            means that damage control was effective.
             There is no point in showing in my view, except to tell you that I know
            when someone speaks from it's heart and when someone suffers by
            something that many can't understand.
             The only thing I can say, is that courage isn't the absence of fear...
            on the contrary, it when we feel fear but we wont stop and we will face
            it because we recognize that there's something far greater beyond that
            fear. I can feel your strength, and I hope that you will continue
            developing your work and specially doing something you love, and this
            you can't hide it from the community. The only thing I can do before
            this is to admire and show my respect, because you nourish a far greater
            love for Fedora than I will any day of my life. I believe that like you
            are the true beating heart of this project.
             Bureaucracy is a necessary evil, unfortunately. I don't believe people
            should spend energy fighting it, instead spend energy fighting for those
            who share the same believes as you. Free Open Source Software isn't only
            about an artistic view, or engineering, or a licence... In many ways it
            is political also, it is in my opinion a possible way that Mankind can
            embrace to get a better future away from all the 'evil' that consumes
            our world and triggers wars everywhere.
             Keep the fight up! You are not alone and your friends are with you, all
            the time. People like me, misunderstood in many ways, who bring negative
            load into the community, will always be dogmatic or utopic. But what
            motivates us, is the actions and example of communities like the one in
            South America, and the fine example of people like you and Neville.
             Keep the fight up and never surrender, when the time comes, you will
            see that you were never alone and that you command a legion of people
            who share the same view as you and the bond will be ones of 'battle
             Thanks for taking time to read this. Dare to fight the system is that
            is your wish! That is what keeps Fedora alive, the free trade and share
            of information. If some don't like it, that is their problem!
             All the best for Fedora in South America and keep up the good work,
            which is a fine example for us to take on the other side of the
  2. tatica says:

    Thank you hon. Sometimes we must only say that we think and feel even if nobody understand it. That’s one of the free wills that human kind has… freedom of expression.

    I know that 50% of people didn’t understand my blog post, and maybe 40% understood but didn’t feel that was to them… but I’m sure that a 10% or maybe less understand it and feel it, and that was for.

    Once again, thank you for a beautifull mail and plus a great song… are this moments where I think “all my crazy behavier worth it”

    • aborrecido says:

      “Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena” – Fernando Pessoa

      The music is something dear to me, it bring out the child within me and relaxes me… it keep my mind focused. I hope it brings the same reaction to people who listen to.

  3. nicu says:

    Nelson, people stay quiet and avoid fuss when they shouldn’t, that’s part of the thing tatica is complaining about. If we stay quiet, people with hidden agenda will use the community for their own interests and ruins the fun for everyone. And make the mission of the project fail.

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