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Posted: June 29, 2010 in nmarques

Today is probably one of the most interesting days that I’ve been waiting… In the last 6 months I’ve been working around with to produce a document for school regarding the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro (Estádio Mário Duarte) which aims for a financial recovery plan of the very same.

The Document contains 127 pages of analysis, reports, analogue situations worldwide and a plan of action. In my case my analogue situation was based on the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, which by far is a story of success.

The Rose Bowl Stadium points in many ways the importance of the community around it, and following this guide, I’ve decided to use that factor in my work, except I’ve based it a bit on FOSS Communities.

At 20:00 UTC, I’m delievering the final version of the document, which I can’t make available due to my university licence for submitted papers and because of ‘classified’ information regarding the organization that manages the Stadium. Which is sad, because it’s a public organization with public funding, so actually there shouldn’t be much secrecy around, but I don’t make the rules.

Within 3 weeks, I have to present it to the City Hall of Aveiro, Sport Club Beira Mar (in-house soccer club), IPAM and the media. My efforts on this work were great in the beginning… a few time ago (around 4/5 weeks), it came into my knowledge that EMA (the organization which runs the stadium) has filled a petition to the court to ask for it’s dissolution, in other words, get a 900 million € hole under the rug and disappear leaving the problem to others. I like the Portuguese way… and I start to believe in the capital penalty for this ‘while collar’ crimes against the people. No wonder the country is sinking.

In addition today is the great Iberian duel, between Portugal and Spain for the World Cup Soccer in South Africa. As usual, I will stay backing up my own people against the Spanish, in a game I don’t expect to win.

Our soccer team are a bunch of prima donna’s.

Since I saw the commitment and emotions displayed by our national Rugby team, that I point those men as the true ambassadors of Portugal in sports, ‘Os lobos’. I would like to see our soccer prima donas behaving like them, once in a while.

This is such a sad situation that a video is required to illustrate this sad reality… Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Prima Dona’s (soccer team) vs the Wolfes (rugby team) (in other words, the soccer mercenaries vs the amateur team of the people, a perfect image of the true face of the Portuguese).


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