usb sticks saving the day!

Posted: July 2, 2010 in fedora

Today I got a strange phone call from one of my friends which managed to kill her system. Windows was reporting missing files required for booting and breaking… She was working on her monography and scared to death that she would loose everything…

To be honest I don’t really like to mess up with other people’s computers and I’ve offered some help to try and save the data she wanted. For the first time, I’ve used a USB stick with a Live install from Fedora. We had no DVD’s or CD’s around to burn a live cd and I decided to test this.

Within 7 minutes we had the ISO downloaded and the creation of the USB Stick took around 3 minutes on my laptop. Within 10 minutes we were booting by the External USB Device and everything seemed to go cool… We’ve made some cool backups of her User folder and some other data like photos and such.

I have to say, this stuff kicks ass and saved the day. The funny part is that she asked me if she could save the USB pen in case she would need it in the future. Guess it’s a +1 Fedora.

The process was easy, very user friendly (though it required my Fedora Install). The package was available in yum (yum install liveusb-creator) and can be found in ‘System Tools > Fedora Live USB Creator’. Great tool that with Fedora can save ur day in 10 minutes in a wicked way!

  1. Karsten 'quaid' Wade says:

    Just a quick note that ‘Live USB Creator’ is also available for Windows, so you don’t even need a Fedora installation to use it!

    • aborrecido says:

      I didn’t knew but Fedora was fine… I don’t give much usage to Windows.

      I’m going to take a look into Transifex and check the PO’s. I’ll make it pt_PT enabled if not already ;)

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