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Posted: July 9, 2010 in fedora

The Portuguese Community in Free Software projects is not so relevant and we are few in numbers, which doesn’t mean we can’t provide outstanding output. In many ways I was amazed on what Rui Gouveia accomplished with him team on Fedora.

One of the things that we found less appealing was the fact that the language isn’t regulated or uniformed between Projects. We are few in numbers across projects which eventually is a great thing to accomplish this. Our first idea was to talk to GNOME translators and see if we could work together and provide a more elegant and uniformized language, which would present the same Portuguese and Expressions across Fedora and GNOME.

When we started contacting GNOME translators, we also found that some of them were translators for other teams, like the Ubuntu team, and they have shown interest on our idea that has been discussed in Fedora trans-pt mailling list and in some national project lists. We have decided to call upon all Portuguese translators to gather and discuss this issue together, trying to evaluate if it would be possible for all of us to work together and provide the same language form in all distributions and FOSS Projects!

Natural barriers will arise, and some might not like  the idea… but the main point behind this is that the Public Administration and many local companies are starting to show interest in Linux in several ways, from the Military to the Ministery of Education, from the IT Professional to the normal students… Linux has become an option… We understand as Portuguese people that the better the quality of the contents offered in Portuguese, the more success we will have on our approach to everyone!

In case we can reach an agreement between all, the outcome of this decision will for sure influence the Portuguese audience and improve the quality of the contents in FOSS in European Portuguese!

But what is European Portuguese? The European Portuguese is the normalized version of Portuguese spoken in all Portuguese speaking countries except Brazil and is normalized and standardized by the Science Academy of Lisbon. This language is the official work language of the European Union (meaning all official documents are produced in Portuguese), is the Language we learn in schools during our Education in Portugal and African official Portuguese speaking countries.

For the future: If this approach is proven reliable, we expect to build and deliever a document to the Science Academy of Lisbon requesting their help as advisors and providing the documentation that might help our teams to produce their work with better quality. From possible support we expect to have information on the lists of foreign words that are accepted in Portuguese, orthography rules, etc…

We also expect that Universities connected to the teaching of Portuguese can help us and promote pt_PT translating amongst their students!

In Portugal, this is pioneer work! We expect that in the future European Portuguese on FOSS Projects can provide better quality than any proprietary option! (which already happens in some cases, no proprietary product has better dictionaries and thesaurus than open source community contributed dictionaries).

This subject is going to be discussed openly on the linux.pt mailling list created to this subject and is opened to any FOSS Project and pt_PT translating teams!

Taking the lead!

  1. Manuel says:

    Ola Nuno

    Continuas a insistir no inglês! Eu não tenho nada contra.

    É a segunda vez que te digo, escreve em inglês, mas não te esqueças dos outros 9.999.999

    Manuel Benedito

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