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Posted: July 20, 2010 in fedora

In the past during the Burning Crusade I’ve played World of Warcraft as a Protection Paladin. During our Sunwell Plateau campaign (with some faction/server first kills), specially on the M’uru fight I’ve struggled hard with visibility. It was important to have all the information displayed on the screen and to keep the largest amount of free space possible. Between add-ons and UI scalling, this was something that took usually a couple of hours to tune, and eventually a must for tanks who had add assignments.

This became also a general guideline to configure my existing UI’s ever since, in this case Desktop. I use GNOME, since the early days, and GNOME does provide a clean a very configurable UI.

Fedora ships with Clearlooks and Mist by default, and though I find them pleasant, I have to say that there’s other GTK2+ themes and engines I like more.

Ubuntu ships some fancy themes and icon sets, though this is not important for most people, for me they are quite nice. Another thing I took from Ubuntu was NotifyOSD which works pretty cool also on Fedora instead of the normal Notification Daemon.

I’ve also used Firefox for a long time, pretty much since the early days, and recently changed to Chromium due to cool integration with Ubuntu GTK themes (far better than Firefox). We have to thank Spot for providing a cool repository for Chromium. Chromium also packs some nice extensions, themes and eventually has nicer performance. So far I haven’t much to complaint about it.

Here’s a couple of suggestions for those who might want a nicer looking UI with better integration here’s some stuff I like a lot:

* Chromium – to enable Spot’s Chromium repository for Fedora 13, create a chromium.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d with the following contents:

name=Chromium Test Packages

and finally: yum install chromium.

Getting some nice replacement GTK Engines and Themes… I would advice to check out this two great engines:

Murrine: Packages for Fedora 13
Equinox:  Packages for Fedora 13

GTK2 Theme: Ambiance Refined II – A cool looking Ambiance mod developed by LordPickle.
Icon Theme: Ubuntu-Mono-Dark – taken from a friends ubuntu install. Some icons need to get their names edited in order to work properly, this is the case of the sound icons, which require that ‘-panel’ to be removed. Some hacking required on index.theme:

Inherits=MagIcons, Fedora

MagIcons – MagIcons provides a great customization for SVG icons. I personally recommend this iconset (Humanity Colors) in Blue…

NotifyOSD – NotifyOSD provides a great alternative to Notification Daemon. Ever since I’ve tried, I don’t want anything else for this. I strongly recommend this. I have a package made but havent upload it yet for my fedora people space because I’m having some lame problems generating the i686 package. I will update the source though later on.

Chromium Ambiance Themes: Nice theme for chromium including window and bars to comply with ambiance. Better looking by enabling the system titlebar and scroll bars.

Firefox Ambiance Persona: Much more uglier than it’s Chromium cousin.

This set of changes for sure can make your Fedora install look more nicer and pleasant. This is based on personal preferences, but there are a lot of nice alternatives out there. I look forward for the day when the Red Hat Desktop Team allows Fedora to provide a far more attractive interface on Fedora.

  1. Julian Aloofi says:

    Both Murrine and Equinox are in Fedora, no need to install any packages from gnome-look.org :)

    gtk-equinox-engine (this one should be in updates-testing right now and hit stable any week now)

  2. Lucy Green says:

    I love fedora. I mess with it a bit, but it’s so simple to use and set up – and looks great.
    Good GUI

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