nautilus-elementary MOD

Posted: July 26, 2010 in nmarques

Nautilus has been through a long way since the early days when it was one of the heaviest pieces of software (only surpassed maybe by mozilla millstones).

The other day I’ve runned across nautilus-elementary which packs some cool looking features, and honestly, in my perspective, some of this enhancements should already be a part of nautilus mainstream.

Here’s how the beast looks like (using Elementary GTK/Metacity composite theme, plus some other minor tweaks):

I am not aware of a Fedora 13 package for this mod which is currently hosted on Launchpad and there’s no source package also available in the traditional tar.gz format… The source has to be extracted through bzr. It does require some fancy devel packages and a couple of other packages which are not part off Fedora default install, but they are available for Goddard through Fedora official packages and RPM Fusion, so in a way Fedora does provide all the artillery you need to built it.

There’s a fancy ‘Tweaks’ tab added in nautilus configuration also! Keep in mind that this piece of fine software does not pack extra funcionality to nautilus, only a couple of neat re-design features to favour eye-candy. You need RGBA enabled GTK Engine for it work properly, which in a way can be hard. If you use Equinox or Murrine engine based theme, most likely it will work flawlessly. I haven’t tested it with Nodoka GTK engine (project hosted on by Martin Sourada et al, member of Fedora Design Team.

Screenshots taken using: Elementary GTK Theme (and Engine dependencies) / Elementary Metacity Theme composite. Icon theme is a mix of ubuntu-mono-light and MagIcons Humanities Color.

UPDATE: Andrew provided a more accurate description of the functionality of Nautilus-Elementary. Please take a minute to read Andrew’s reply which provides more useful information regarding this fine piece of software made by the Elementary Team.

Nautilus-Elementary provides extended functionality beyond the one provided by nautilus.

  1. Andrew says:

    It does pack some extra features compared to the original Nautilus: it has undo/redo, it also used to have a patch for some extra info for the trash and other stuff I can’t remember right now. I guess you could call the toolbar customization a feature too (which also comes with an option to re-add the “Edit location” button which was removed from Nautilus a while back).

    The 2.31+ branch also has ClutterFlow integration.

  2. mairin says:

    It appears to make nautilus look like the OS X chooser

    • Valent says:

      really? I don’t use OSX and usually don’t like things that copy OSX look and feel but still this looks pretty slick to me, would love to try it out.

  3. Alejandro Nova says:

    It’s me that have been using so much KDE lately, or are simply my eyes who’re telling me that Nautilus Elementary is looking more and more like… Dolphin with Bespin? Even RGBA is being matched by KDE, not as a patched RGBA engine, but as its default widget engine for KDE 4.6 ( ). GNOME needs sorely defaults like Elementary, to match KDE’s eye-candies.

    BTW, I’d like that side panel in Dolphin.

  4. Valent says:

    I would love to make Nautilus Elementary Mod installed by default on Fusion Fedora Remix –

    Is anybody can help and make Fedora packages I would love to include them by default.

    • aborrecido says:

      Not sure where you try to get such contributions, maybe blogging it through Fedora Planet or ask around in the community mailling lists. I’m not the best person to point the way around on this.

  5. Valent says:

    btw how hard is it to install it manually?

    • aborrecido says:

      It’s easy to install manually and it’s not hard to package, the problem is most likely to get it approved on Fedora as it needs to comply with Fedora packaging rules.

      By the way, this is not a hate post against Fedora packaging rules, which are one of the reasons why I use Fedora and not something else. Though sometimes they are complicated for people with less tech knowledge like myself :(

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