Burning Bridges!

Posted: July 28, 2010 in fedora, nmarques

Why I chose Marketing? I don’t know, but it sounded a cool option back then. Now in the final stage for my degree, I’m missing only one last thing: Curricular Traineeship on a corporation or a Final Project. Both have pros and cons…

My University offers a lot of choices, all tainted by University Policies… All political or with some advantage to my University… Honestly, because I dare to think by my own, I kinda hate them and am happy I can finally turn my back to that institution! They are great at creating mindless drones though!

It’s time to measure all the variables on my life… in one hand a Project that might take me a year or two to build, since I have to defend it flawlessly! In another hand, I have to submit myself into some corporation designated by my University for a traineeship. They are nice… they don’t care about people who graduated in former years and are unemployed! Instead they offer free work from students in traineeship to those corporations. I can’t tag along with this…  this is not something that my own personal values support. I see no motivation on this.

There is a 3rd option, I can get my own traineeship and present it to the Scientific Council for approval. In this field I have one national ISP that is going international and that is trying to recruit me for years. I can get my traineeship there! It is marketing related… it is an industry I know well… it provides an option for a future job and career… but once more it’s in the IT world… crap… Somehow I am not fond of this… and it might become a risk for my plans to build a family and on how my family will be. I’ve been a son of a Military father, always away from the family. I’m not going to be such father or engage in an option that will end up making me and absent family leader.

In a way I am thankful for being a member of my family, since we have good reputation and connections, though I’m some sort of black sheep on it, mainly because I’ve always followed my own path and never actually cared much about pleasing them. This has provided me a cute exit… a traineeship in one of the most important Banks in Portugal. I hate the finance world… it’s dirty and obscure… full of flaws, of people who don’t care about others misery… but, it provides good grounds for establishing a pleasant life with aiming for a pleasant life time job. ME vs OTHERS…. no longer I’m sticking up for the ‘others’, every single time I did it, I didn’t got a ‘thank you’ or even recognition for it… in fact most times it only brought me trouble.

I’ve taken my way! I’m taking the traineeship offered me by my parents connections in a Bank! And eventually I’ve thought on leaving some of my ideas behind, too much idealistic and unpractical… and start my Masters on Finance.

Once more, Nelson is doing something most people can’t understand, but my reasons are simple:

1. Alternatives offered by my University suck.

2. Project way demands too much time and research and will delay my life. Loosing 2 years now isn’t an amusing idea for me.

3. At 45 I want a pleasant job and enough time to care for my family.

4. A role from which I can aim to enter in Politics. Though I’m already involved in local politics since 2004, I want to evolve for the national league.

5. I like Lisbon! It’s better to move now, while I don’t have major commitments to hold me here, than later when I have my family (kids/wife).

Final step: March on to Lisbon for my traineeship! Finish Marketing Management degree and build a career (starting with a Masters on Finance and a good job in a bank). In a way, thats what my parents always expected from me, not the deviations I’ve chosed. I understand how right they were…

What I’ve learned so far: Years have been passing by and what a fool I’ve been…

With this, I’m leaving the ‘online’ and focus only on the real world life… Now it’s my fight and it’s to be fought somewhere outside.

With FOSS and Fedora I’ve learned a lot of things. I wish everyone a very fond farewell with an an apology request to all I might have injured due to different opinions/perspecive or even by my stuborness. I’ll be using tools I love on personal reasons and will be tracking as a normal user much of the new and the projects I’ve always loved, Fedora and GNOME to which I wish the best of future…

Despite of the technological aspects, there is a great Humanitarian and Social side on Free Software, Fedora has some of the nicest examples (ex: Free Media Program). In a way, the free software movement can do much for mankind. I hope it lives on till the end of times.

The last 4 months of my life have been ever changing, I trully hope to sail from now on in more peaceful waters.

Peace all,


  1. CommonOddity says:

    I wish you the best of luck dude. I know what you mean, and I agree with a lot that you have to say.

    Indeed, the FLOSS community is something marvellous for humanity in general. The philosophy, approach and most people in the community are definitely a positive benefit should people come to embrace it (and they do, myself included).

    There’s a multi-tude of options out there, most of them with sacrifice. The best advice I got from someone was to not expect too much from current circumstance: It is a singular moment in a series of stepping stones to your future. I’ve had so many oddjobs in my life that I’ve stumbled through due to choices I’ve made. I was a small engine mechanic, then a CNC lead hand, construction worker, IT, and now I’m currently in school for Telecommunications with a major interest in Linux.

    You’ll be fine, and I’m sure things will unfold more positively than not :)

    Cheers! Gambatta-ne! (Good luck, in Japanese).

    • aborrecido says:

      It doesn’t matter how far we go! The only thing that matters is how we have travelled our road.

      My brother is a 3D artist (Solidworks) and a CNC programmer. He loves it, I find it a weird job, but the pay is awesome. I know a bit of mechanics, bike related, as I always loved bikes! For me they illustrate true freedom and one of my idols was in fact a great biker and soldier, Kurt Meyer.

      It is strange as one of my ex’s father who was a Finantial Director in a large corporation in the Netherlands always said I should be going the Finantial way. That came after a small talk we had about the Portuguese banking system and stock market manipulation.

      I don’t know in a way, I’m still an ideologist, and that is somehow harmfull.

      All the best for you in Linux, without doubt being on Fedora is the best option for those who want to learn about Linux. As for Telecommunications, consider visiting Chaos Communications Conference in 2011 (which is the only event I make sure I’ll attend in the future even without being on the Industry). Thats probably one of coolest events ever (except maybe for DEFCON).


      And with this, m0x disappears ;)

  2. nicubunu says:

    I wish you all the best and good luck in your career and your life. I for one would not be able to give-up to my “online life”, that would leave me incomplete.

    • aborrecido says:

      Thats your path Nicu, in which you will have my full support. I’ve chosen something different. My choices have been weird and in a way, I’m not feeling happy, and I have to think on my future, which contemplates not only myself, but also my future marriage.

      Thank God, I’m marrying a Psychologist ;) She can certify my insanity.

  3. Manuel says:

    Deixa-me lembrar-te Nelson Marques que a obtenção de um ou vários graus académicos significa adquirir competências, obtenção de conhecimento, e que te dá vantagem relativamente aos outros, que não poderam, não quiseram ou não concluiram o caminho.

    Manuel Benedito

    • aborrecido says:


      “O Príncipe” de Nicollo Machiavelli, recomendo vivamente a qualquer pessoa.
      A resposta muita coisa está lá presente.

      Eu conheço casos que são fenomenais, e continuo a acreditar que o verdadeiro factor por detrás do sucesso (ou não) é a motivação e o gosto pelo trabalho que desenvolvemos, não propriamente o conhecimento académico que na sua maioria não é aplicavel directamente no mundo real.

      Por exemplo, o Director e “owner” da Aveicellular, empresa que possivelmente ninguem ouviu falar tem 34 anos, iniciou a empresa aos 23 salvo erro, e actualmente tem uma facturação superior a 100 milhões de €’s anuais. Pelo caminho conseguiu fechar as portas a toda a concorrência e domina o mercado nacional onde é o importador/distribuidor oficial da Nokia, LG, Samsung e Motorola.

      Actualmente encontra-se em posição para atacar forte em Espanha. E como disse anteriormente tem o 6º ano… treinou o staff todo dele, assim como fomentou a instrução do mesmo. Dá trabalho unicamente às pessoas da terra, e promove diversas iniciativas junto da comunidade, algumas delas em parceria com entidades governamentais.

      Considero a licenciatura que tenho obsoleta a nível prático… sobretudo tendo em conta o tecido empresarial de Portugal. Há que melhorar… e continuar em frente.

      Como sempre, apologista do “never surrender” :)


      • Manuel says:

        Ola Nelson Marques

        Não há regra sem excepção, não te podes “agarrar” ás excepções.

        Como vês não concordo contigo.

        Acabas-te de espelhar uma boa parte da realidade nacional. Patrões, alguns, que não sabem ler nem escrever, agora imagina, que eles resolviam investir no conhecimento, só vontade não chega!

        Vê a Google, a titulo de exemplo, não é com iletrados que se vence!

        Vais-me desculpar mas acho que ainda não percebes-te para que é que tiras-te um curso superior e para que serve.

        Sem dúvida que tens de gostar do que fazes (ou aprender a gostar!) e o conhecimento académico é importante, portanto não o desvalorizes.

        Relativamente à empresa que mencionas-te, se uma multinacional lhe interessar o negocio ou pretender entrar no mesmo tipo de negócio que essa empresa desenvolve (mesmo mercado alvo) , advinha o que lhe vai acontecer?

        Manuel Benedito

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