the blood of innocents!

Posted: July 31, 2010 in nmarques

I can’t realize on how a census can trigger so much polemical views and attacks. From the many lectures I’ve taken in the last 7 months, I remember one in particular from the Fedora Marketing mailing lists: “we are all friends contributing for FOSS, there are no rivals or competitors, we all help each other”… suddenly: BANG! it seems they released all the loose cannons.

I don’t believe we can and should place either Red Hat or Canonical in such situation. I’m not sure how much $STASH Red Hat places on GNOME, but I know that I’ve seen GNOME advertising Canonical’s donations to hire a sys admin… as I’ve seen lots of @canonical engaged in GNOME, at least in the Marketing Lists (where I haven’t seen any @redhat).

I’ve always praized the work done by Ubuntu towards meeting users expectations… and in fact, Ubuntu has taken the battle to the streets, where Fedora or Red Hat never wanted to fight. I’m also pretty sure that with time they can take their revenue in form of contributions from all the potential contributors they are fidelizing at the moment.

We can’t also ignore the outstanding fighting done by Red Hat and Novell for Linux in the past (we all remember the SCO incident, amongst others).

Aren’t we all fighting for the same? I use Fedora because at low level it’s easier for me… because it updates faster than ubuntu… because it’s one step ahead (despite of the random crash here and there, which I never report).

It’s not a lie if I state that either Red Hat or Fedora care about the kind of user that I am, while maybe Ubuntu/Canonical is more sensitive to claims coming from that segment… But in a way, if Linux is evolving and getting more popular, not only amongst the elites it’s due to the efforts of all this organizations and free contributors.

Don’t bring shame into the game by engaging further on this ‘bitch fight’. It’s not benefiting any of the parties being mentioned.

  1. Jef Spaleta says:

    Can you provide me to a reference to the gnome mailing list you are refering to where Canonical employees are active participants.


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