Posted: August 6, 2010 in nmarques

In the old days most people I know hacked PSX hardware, some for more obscure purposes, others with more noble needs, like myself, usually play imports not available in Europe (some titles from Koei for example). Tekken 3 was one of the games I’ve played around 7/8 months earlier because I’ve had my hardware hacked and could play an import from Japan. I’ve always loved Hwoarang (though I find Tae Kwon Do a bit limited when compared to real fighting disciplines like Muay Thai or even Kickboxing. I love Savate!).

I haven’t really find any decent wallpaper to fit my Desktop… Searched from Architecture to anything else, including the Swedish babes on bikini. I’m not gifted with Gimp neither but I can with a very nice acceptable wallpaper for my laptop.

The components for it are pretty much the same I’ve toyed around and they do provide a nice desktop for my likes. I can’t share the wallpaper as I’ve stripped the image from the internet and didnt contacted the author about it. It’s made for personal usage and haven’t even made it’s way to my backups.

  • GTK2 Theme > Radiance_R | Removed the left side menu button which is somehow bugged! That can be done by poping gconf-editor and change the following in apps/Metacity/General/button layout:
  • Icon Theme > For the icon theme I use 2 icon sets, ubuntu-mono-light; this can be grabbed from Launchpad, though it requires some hacking into icon’s names for them to be compliant with default GNOME panel. So far only seen the need for this for sound icons (removing the -panel) from it’s name. In addition I also use the MagIcons application to generate the blue Humanity Icons. This are in previous posts and can be grabbed from gnome-look.org. I’ve tried to make a Fedora logo on mono… it’s actually a screw up. Soon to be replaced by the original.
  • Nautilus > Nautilus has been moded with Nautilus Elementary. The code can be grabbed and compiled from Launchpad. It’s pretty much straight forward, no hacks needed just some fancy dependencies and devel packages which ship with Fedora. In adition I’ve also used the Victory Breadcrumbs which give a nicer looking to Nautilus.
  • Wallpaper > The Hwoarang wallpaper I’ve made aiming for simplicity with something I won’t get bored for the next days. In my opinion looks nice, even on the GDM login wallpaper (%gconf-tree.xml needs to be hacked for it).

With Gimp I’ve removed the background from the original image, resized it to match a suitable size for the wallpaper and eventually applied a few corrections to give it a more cartoonish look with gimp. I kinda like it, but it will suffer from the “wallpaper syndrome” and eventually will get bored and it will be replaced!.

Also something worth to remember is that Tekken the movie is out, produced in Japan. Honestly all the movies from popular video games have been disappointing. I don’t have higher expectations on Tekken (they forgot Hwoarang, sick thing… maybe because the movie is Japanese and Hwoarang is Korean, who knows?), but I’m hoping it comes to Portugal soon, or else on DVD Release so I can import it from US or Korea.


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