marketing & open source, kinda of a poll for personal opinions!

Posted: August 6, 2010 in fedora

One thing I do remember from my 1st Marketing Fundamentals class 4 years ago was the origins of Marketing that would later be approached by the students with a paper called: “The Concept of Marketing”. My paper was a bibliographic review about the Concept of Marketing through time. Actually it was the first and last paper to be produced in English as we were given that choice. Later no longer English was available as a choice for submitted papers.

Later on in Economy we we’re introduced to “offer/demand” and all the mambo jambo around it. It’s a simple concept but does has a huge role on Marketing and it’s vinculated into it’s development. In a way Marketing has been developed and has been battle proven only when offer > demand. If the demand is higher than the offer, there is no need for Marketing strategies as the products will just vanish from the shelfs. In Service Marketing this can be a bit more complex and software fit in there (though I’m still fond of the idea that software is actually somewhere between service and product marketing, but this is just my own concept without any support from theoretical or academical sources, it just fits better to approach it based on common sense for me).

My humble question for everyone around who comes across this is simple:

Considering all aspects from free software, how far are we in the offer/demand (or supply/demand) curve?

I’m just asking this because of my curiosity and eventually how to relate it with Marketing produced around FOSS.

  1. bochecha says:

    In my experience, there is basically no demand for FOSS.

    People just don’t care, they want to use something that works and does what they need done.

    So I guess that the offer (the FOSS we produce) is way higher than a null demand. :)

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