Faenza – Another great creation of Tiheum!

Posted: August 10, 2010 in fedora

It’s somehow hard to find an icon set that pleases people… From everything that I’ve seen, I have to consider that the one I liked most was Humanities, and then Echo.

I’ve recently found Faenza from Tiheum which also provides some very nice GTK+ themes. Though this icon set is in development and lacks some icons, I have to say that this concept is the one that most pleases me from everything that I’ve seen in the last 12 years.

I’ve checked them out with a wide variety of GTK themes and they fit well in nearly all, including the old Clearlooks and the new redesigned one.

This iconset also includes nice mono icons for the status bar in dark and light versions (just like ubuntu-mono-* sets).

There is no more need to use Ubuntu branded themes on Fedora when something far nicer is available from what I believe to be an independent 3rd party.

Faenza @ deviantart.com

  1. Leif says:

    Looks nice, where can I get it?

  2. tajidin says:

    well i hope to bring this to Fedora as a package i am working now with upstream to iron out a few issues. so in next few weeks it will be in Fedora.

  3. Livio says:

    Yes, this icon set rules. Interesting if it works on KDE too. Have to try.

  4. tajidin says:

    well good news it just got approved so it will be there soon enough keep an eye out

  5. Zoltan says:

    Is it possible to be the default in Fedora 14 or later?

    • aborrecido says:

      I think thats probably something that should be proposed to the Design List, but I doubt they would do such. If I recall correctly they don’t accept GTK or Icon themes contributions.

      It’s a shame, because this theme is pretty cool and it has a unique design. In a way, I would like to see it also available, at least as optional in the Fedora repositories.

  6. -Stéph- says:

    I am using it since it has been released with the Equinox theme, and it rocks despite of some freshness bugs.

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