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Google CEO and the 5th column!

Posted: August 9, 2010 in nmarques

This fun article is very enlightening…

[quote]”In a world of asynchronous threats,” said Schmidt, “it is too dangerous for there not to be some way to identify you. We need a [verified] name service for people. Governments will demand it.”[/quote]

I see the 5th column battering up in underground networks training the terrorist of tomorrow… well I mean… freedom fighters… Terrorists according to the Portuguese dictionary are actually journalists… as by definition, a terrorist is the one who gossips in a alarming way. I’m still wondering why the Portuguese press was so shy in providing news about Google’s doings on the streets and how the Justice stopped them.

As in an answer to Google’s CEO, I only pray for 24 hours with the man and the availability of the goo’old Heretic’s Fork! A supreme tool developed in Iberia during the Holy Inquisition to submit the heretics into “the confession”. That man deserves it!

I wonder why such an educated man as Mr S. can actually place anti-social in the same level as criminal! I’m really wondering who’s the real criminal here!


It was around 2AM when I parked my car in the service area on the A1 highway for a quick coffee and bio break. As I entered I’ve found an abnormal concentration of fire fighters. Those brave men and women had traveled over 300Km north to help their comrades up north with the fires that have been burning in Portugal in the past weeks.

I’ve offered myself to pay for their coffee, which they refused at first, but after a bit of chat they ended up by allowing me to buy them the coffee. I’ve also thanked them for their initiative and help. I know how important it is for one that leaves his family behind and takes his free time to accomplish something far greater than most men will ever realize. I saw in their faces the same spirit that built this country and hold it for almost 1000 years, sacrifice and abnegation for something greater than one’s own ambitions.

On my way back, I’ve stopped outside and went for cigarette with my fiancée before heading back to the car, a time when a tourist came by, and in a funny way she said: “looks like there’s going to be a firefighter party”. I’ve turned to her and told her that those men were voluntary firefighters from the south of Portugal and they came up north to help their colleagues fighting the fires that are burning for weeks. Every corporation donates a car and it’s crew of voluntaries and their form large columns from 10 to 20 cars and move north to help on fires.

It’s not everyday that people witness such deeds, and I can’t just explain how emotioned I became when I saw that 17 car long column leave up north to Braga (Bracara Augusta, in latin) to help. For a moment tears came into my eyes.

A very huge thanks to all those volunteers that leave behind their families to help our population and local fight the fires that consume our woods in this troubled times. Their sacrifice and abnegation has not passed unseen, neither it will pass unrecognized.


Posted: August 6, 2010 in nmarques

In the old days most people I know hacked PSX hardware, some for more obscure purposes, others with more noble needs, like myself, usually play imports not available in Europe (some titles from Koei for example). Tekken 3 was one of the games I’ve played around 7/8 months earlier because I’ve had my hardware hacked and could play an import from Japan. I’ve always loved Hwoarang (though I find Tae Kwon Do a bit limited when compared to real fighting disciplines like Muay Thai or even Kickboxing. I love Savate!).

I haven’t really find any decent wallpaper to fit my Desktop… Searched from Architecture to anything else, including the Swedish babes on bikini. I’m not gifted with Gimp neither but I can with a very nice acceptable wallpaper for my laptop.

The components for it are pretty much the same I’ve toyed around and they do provide a nice desktop for my likes. I can’t share the wallpaper as I’ve stripped the image from the internet and didnt contacted the author about it. It’s made for personal usage and haven’t even made it’s way to my backups.

  • GTK2 Theme > Radiance_R | Removed the left side menu button which is somehow bugged! That can be done by poping gconf-editor and change the following in apps/Metacity/General/button layout:
  • Icon Theme > For the icon theme I use 2 icon sets, ubuntu-mono-light; this can be grabbed from Launchpad, though it requires some hacking into icon’s names for them to be compliant with default GNOME panel. So far only seen the need for this for sound icons (removing the -panel) from it’s name. In addition I also use the MagIcons application to generate the blue Humanity Icons. This are in previous posts and can be grabbed from I’ve tried to make a Fedora logo on mono… it’s actually a screw up. Soon to be replaced by the original.
  • Nautilus > Nautilus has been moded with Nautilus Elementary. The code can be grabbed and compiled from Launchpad. It’s pretty much straight forward, no hacks needed just some fancy dependencies and devel packages which ship with Fedora. In adition I’ve also used the Victory Breadcrumbs which give a nicer looking to Nautilus.
  • Wallpaper > The Hwoarang wallpaper I’ve made aiming for simplicity with something I won’t get bored for the next days. In my opinion looks nice, even on the GDM login wallpaper (%gconf-tree.xml needs to be hacked for it).

With Gimp I’ve removed the background from the original image, resized it to match a suitable size for the wallpaper and eventually applied a few corrections to give it a more cartoonish look with gimp. I kinda like it, but it will suffer from the “wallpaper syndrome” and eventually will get bored and it will be replaced!.

Also something worth to remember is that Tekken the movie is out, produced in Japan. Honestly all the movies from popular video games have been disappointing. I don’t have higher expectations on Tekken (they forgot Hwoarang, sick thing… maybe because the movie is Japanese and Hwoarang is Korean, who knows?), but I’m hoping it comes to Portugal soon, or else on DVD Release so I can import it from US or Korea.

the blood of innocents!

Posted: July 31, 2010 in nmarques

I can’t realize on how a census can trigger so much polemical views and attacks. From the many lectures I’ve taken in the last 7 months, I remember one in particular from the Fedora Marketing mailing lists: “we are all friends contributing for FOSS, there are no rivals or competitors, we all help each other”… suddenly: BANG! it seems they released all the loose cannons.

I don’t believe we can and should place either Red Hat or Canonical in such situation. I’m not sure how much $STASH Red Hat places on GNOME, but I know that I’ve seen GNOME advertising Canonical’s donations to hire a sys admin… as I’ve seen lots of @canonical engaged in GNOME, at least in the Marketing Lists (where I haven’t seen any @redhat).

I’ve always praized the work done by Ubuntu towards meeting users expectations… and in fact, Ubuntu has taken the battle to the streets, where Fedora or Red Hat never wanted to fight. I’m also pretty sure that with time they can take their revenue in form of contributions from all the potential contributors they are fidelizing at the moment.

We can’t also ignore the outstanding fighting done by Red Hat and Novell for Linux in the past (we all remember the SCO incident, amongst others).

Aren’t we all fighting for the same? I use Fedora because at low level it’s easier for me… because it updates faster than ubuntu… because it’s one step ahead (despite of the random crash here and there, which I never report).

It’s not a lie if I state that either Red Hat or Fedora care about the kind of user that I am, while maybe Ubuntu/Canonical is more sensitive to claims coming from that segment… But in a way, if Linux is evolving and getting more popular, not only amongst the elites it’s due to the efforts of all this organizations and free contributors.

Don’t bring shame into the game by engaging further on this ‘bitch fight’. It’s not benefiting any of the parties being mentioned.

Burning Bridges!

Posted: July 28, 2010 in fedora, nmarques

Why I chose Marketing? I don’t know, but it sounded a cool option back then. Now in the final stage for my degree, I’m missing only one last thing: Curricular Traineeship on a corporation or a Final Project. Both have pros and cons…

My University offers a lot of choices, all tainted by University Policies… All political or with some advantage to my University… Honestly, because I dare to think by my own, I kinda hate them and am happy I can finally turn my back to that institution! They are great at creating mindless drones though!

It’s time to measure all the variables on my life… in one hand a Project that might take me a year or two to build, since I have to defend it flawlessly! In another hand, I have to submit myself into some corporation designated by my University for a traineeship. They are nice… they don’t care about people who graduated in former years and are unemployed! Instead they offer free work from students in traineeship to those corporations. I can’t tag along with this…  this is not something that my own personal values support. I see no motivation on this.

There is a 3rd option, I can get my own traineeship and present it to the Scientific Council for approval. In this field I have one national ISP that is going international and that is trying to recruit me for years. I can get my traineeship there! It is marketing related… it is an industry I know well… it provides an option for a future job and career… but once more it’s in the IT world… crap… Somehow I am not fond of this… and it might become a risk for my plans to build a family and on how my family will be. I’ve been a son of a Military father, always away from the family. I’m not going to be such father or engage in an option that will end up making me and absent family leader.

In a way I am thankful for being a member of my family, since we have good reputation and connections, though I’m some sort of black sheep on it, mainly because I’ve always followed my own path and never actually cared much about pleasing them. This has provided me a cute exit… a traineeship in one of the most important Banks in Portugal. I hate the finance world… it’s dirty and obscure… full of flaws, of people who don’t care about others misery… but, it provides good grounds for establishing a pleasant life with aiming for a pleasant life time job. ME vs OTHERS…. no longer I’m sticking up for the ‘others’, every single time I did it, I didn’t got a ‘thank you’ or even recognition for it… in fact most times it only brought me trouble.

I’ve taken my way! I’m taking the traineeship offered me by my parents connections in a Bank! And eventually I’ve thought on leaving some of my ideas behind, too much idealistic and unpractical… and start my Masters on Finance.

Once more, Nelson is doing something most people can’t understand, but my reasons are simple:

1. Alternatives offered by my University suck.

2. Project way demands too much time and research and will delay my life. Loosing 2 years now isn’t an amusing idea for me.

3. At 45 I want a pleasant job and enough time to care for my family.

4. A role from which I can aim to enter in Politics. Though I’m already involved in local politics since 2004, I want to evolve for the national league.

5. I like Lisbon! It’s better to move now, while I don’t have major commitments to hold me here, than later when I have my family (kids/wife).

Final step: March on to Lisbon for my traineeship! Finish Marketing Management degree and build a career (starting with a Masters on Finance and a good job in a bank). In a way, thats what my parents always expected from me, not the deviations I’ve chosed. I understand how right they were…

What I’ve learned so far: Years have been passing by and what a fool I’ve been…

With this, I’m leaving the ‘online’ and focus only on the real world life… Now it’s my fight and it’s to be fought somewhere outside.

With FOSS and Fedora I’ve learned a lot of things. I wish everyone a very fond farewell with an an apology request to all I might have injured due to different opinions/perspecive or even by my stuborness. I’ll be using tools I love on personal reasons and will be tracking as a normal user much of the new and the projects I’ve always loved, Fedora and GNOME to which I wish the best of future…

Despite of the technological aspects, there is a great Humanitarian and Social side on Free Software, Fedora has some of the nicest examples (ex: Free Media Program). In a way, the free software movement can do much for mankind. I hope it lives on till the end of times.

The last 4 months of my life have been ever changing, I trully hope to sail from now on in more peaceful waters.

Peace all,


The birthplace of Portugal is usually associated with the city of Guimarães, though some claim that the conspiracy against D. Teresa mother of Alphonso Henriques of Portugal took place in the city of Santa Maria da Feira.

Feira’s Castle was built over a roman fortress, and through times was expended. This castle in particular has square shapes unlike most Portuguese castles which feature cylindric shapes, a fortress design attributed to the Knights Templar, which in many ways were always supporters of the Kingdom of Portugal and responsible to aid our Kingdom in the ‘Reconquista’ (Reconquest) since the establishment of the Portuguese Kingdom, though the fight on the moors started far earlier in since the 8th century.

In the 29th of August starts the 1 week event known as ‘Viagem Medieval in Terras de Santa Maria da Feira’. I’ve attended the second event being invited by the city hall, as back then my employer was developing a GNU/Linux based Kiosk to deploy on the city providing interactive information. Back then when we made this project we used Red Hat 6.0 and a large part of the system was hacked, including a ‘special’ runlevel creation and some minor wizardry on the boot process to make it smoother. This kiosk was update daily through a PPP interface from my employers public network.

During this week, everyone dresses in a medieval way and there’s lots of events which feature the days of centuries ago, the times when being Portuguese had a meaning to people.

From Sword Tournaments, to Jousts and even an Assault to the Castle, there’s plenty of fun for everyone… including a medieval market and it’s actually a good time to get some cool medieval replicas of swords, maces, shields and everything else… even chainmails ;)

Feel free to visit Santa Maria da Feira (Saint Mary of the Market), one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal with awesome night life and a very warm population!

And don’t ignore the beautiful Castle of Saint Mary of Feira… which holds a small Museum with many interesting stuff from cannon balls to arrow tips, spears and everything related to war during the Dark Ages. Most of the items in display have been found in excavations in the surroundings of the Castle and some date back to the 10th Century.

Official Website:

City Hall:

Barracuda! The legend!

Posted: July 26, 2010 in nmarques

My hostname has been ‘barracuda’ for over 10 years. I used this name because in my first job as a sysadmin all our machines had to be named according to the theme ‘sea and boats’. I’ve chosen Barracuda after ‘NRP Barracuda’ (Portuguese Republic Ship Barracuda).

The Barracuda was a Daphne class submarine built in France and entered service in 1968 in the Portuguese Navy where it served for over 40 years.

Barracuda got to be known because it sailed under the hull of US Carrier Eisenhower during a NATO exercise and later would launch all it’s torpedoes against it, completely undetected. If this was real combat, a 679 million $US carrier would be sunk (consider that most of Eisenhower technology is considered secret, including armor) and a couple of thousands would’ve died…

Barracuda was the last of the ‘Albacora’ submarine class to sail in the service Portugal, and responsible for a history of success fighting drug traffic in our waters.

A small video about Barracudas last mission:

The Barracuda has been replaced by a U209PN in Germany, and currently one of the most advanced Diesel powered submarines.

Barracuda went out of commission and with it, I need a new hostname! So far and supporting the struggle from Homosexuals in Portugal for the right of being able to adopt children, I’ve decided that my new hostname would be: gay2way.

Farewell Barracuda and thanks for keeping out streets safer from drugs!

“Honrai a Pátria, que a Pátria vos Contempla”